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Outcome Of Next Russian Elections Undecided, No Party Dominant - Medvedev

Moscow, 12 May: Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev is convinced that the outcome of the election to the (State) Duma is not known, all the political battles lie ahead and no single party can regard itself as dominant.

Answering questions from employees of VGTRK (the All-Russia State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, on 12 May) about attitudes towards the (All-Russia) People's Front that is being created around Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Medvedev noted that "all this is in line with our electoral legislation". "Speaking as president of the country, I believe that it is within the bounds of normal election tactics," Medvedev announced.

He stressed: "My task is to ensure that legislation is being used properly and to create the necessary competition in the country's political arena." The head of state explained that "only in this case will our political system be stable".

"If one was to decide that everything had been decided already and everything would proceed according to a set scenario, then our political system does not have a future," the president was convinced.

In his view, "everything still lies ahead - all the election battles".

"No political force can regard itself as dominant but each of them should aspire towards maximum success," Medvedev announced.

The president invited people "to await interesting events on the political front". In his view, the setting up of the People's Front "is only the beginning of the political season". "I hope it will be an interesting one," the head of state noted.

Medvedev thinks that the most important result of the election campaign and the election should be the creation of "a parliament which is able to work and which will reflect the preferences of all voters, not of one political force but of all voters".

"This is a task for all political parties - to ensure that voters do not end up disenfranchised but have their representation in the parliament," Medvedev stressed. "Only in this case can one get a balanced political system," he added.

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