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Older Generations Become More Active In Getting Online In Russia

Moscow, 12 May: St Petersburg residents log onto the internet more often than residents of other Russian regions, the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications (Rospechat) has announced. "The level of internet use among residents of St Petersburg older than 18 years stands at 70 per cent. The figure for Moscow is 65 per cent," the agency says in a report made available to Interfax today.

Internet use in towns and cities with a population of over one million people stands at 51 per cent. The figure for towns with a population between 100,000 and 500,000 is 50 per cent. The figure for villages is 28 per cent.

The report also says that "one of the key trends in the development of internet use in Russia is active growth in internet use among older age groups". When forecasting growth in internet use in Russia, the agency said that the number of internet users by the end of 2014 would total 80m, or 71 per cent of the country's population older than 18. A total of 50m people were using the internet in Russia as of the end of 2010.

On internet use among children, the agency said that at present an average 66 per cent of boys and 69 per cent of girls aged 9-16 logged onto the internet every day or almost every day.

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