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Russian ombudsman comments on investigations committee, Magnitskiy case

Vladimir LukinA single investigations committee under the parliamentary control should be set up in Russia, Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin has said.

He was speaking in an interview with Russian news agency Interfax on 29 October.

"I am a supporter of creating a single investigations committee without binding it to another organization, but under very serious parliamentary and public control," Lukin told Interfax.

Despite some difficulties, a control system like this should be organized in Russia as it is already functioning in a number of European countries, Lukin said.

"I realize quite well the whole complexity of an institution like parliamentary control. I realize that nobody has a right to interfere in operational affairs related to the investigation. But a system like this is operational in a number of democratic countries and it should be working in our country too, and not for the sake of formality but for real," Lukin told the agency.

A committee like this should not be controlled by former employees of similar services, he added.

"It is not retired employees (from law-enforcement agencies) who should control a structure like this. It would look like a service within a service. It should be controlled by real members of society, representatives of people, who possess a special sense of responsibility and understand the complexity of the matter," Lukin said.

In his interview Lukin also commented on the case relating to the Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergey Magnitskiy's death.

He said the case should be completed.

"I would very much like the people who are to blame for it all to be presented to court and general public," Lukin told Interfax. "I am concerned that there are no clear perpetrators in this case. I believe that they are covering each other's backs," he added.

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