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Medvedev Hosts Deep Purple At His Residence in Gorki

MOSCOW. March 23 (Interfax) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hosted the legendary rock group Deep Purple on the eve of the group's Wednesday concert in Moscow.

The president, an ardent fan of Deep Purple, invited the musicians to his residence in Gorki Tuesday evening. The rockers true to their style arrived wearing jeans and T-shirts and only the lead singer, Ian Gillan, was dressed in a suit jacket.

Waiting for the president who was having a meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates the musicians examined the audio equipment installed in the room, including several rare models of tape-recorders.

When Medvedev entered the room before saying hello to his guests he switched on a Deep Purple song on a reel tape-recorder full blast. The musicians responded by applause and drummer Ian Paice presented his drum sticks to the president.

Medvedev said he has been listening to Deep Purple songs for 33 years. "When I started listening to Deep Purple I could not imagine, of course, that I would be sitting with you at this table just like this," he admitted.

He said that he was the DJ in his school and always played recordings of the group. He thanked Deep Purple for their music.

In response Gillan joked that when he was small he thought that policemen and presidents were such old people. But that has changed too, he said to Medvedev.

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