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Russian Presidential Envoy Dispels 'Myth' Of High Subsidies For North Caucasus

Map of North Caucasus Federal District and Surrounding Areas
Yessentuki, 14 October: Claims that spending of the federal centre on the development of North Caucasus exceeds the level of spending nationwide is a myth, according to the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian president in the North Caucasus Federal District.

"We are coming across a frivolous interpretation of figures which creates misunderstanding and confusion. The first eternal myth is that every citizen in the North Caucasus Federal District receives subsidies and subventions from the federal budget that are well nigh tens of times more (than subsidies in other regions) - this is total nonsense," Khloponin told a meetings with heads of the regional media. According to him, the level of subsidies and subventions from the federal budget in Ingushetia, the most subsidized region in the district, is R12,000 per person. "And in some other depressed regions in the Russian Federation this figure reaches R64,000-70,000," the envoy explained.

He added that "there are no frightening figures or money that the federal centre should throw into the North Caucasus district in enormous quantities". "Look at the development strategy in Siberia or the Far East - their figures are higher," Khloponin said.

He also said that the main condition in the federal programme for the development of North Caucasus is "not to throw money but to create conditions, so that funds and investors can come to the territory of the North Caucasus district, open factories and develop the economy in the most competitive sectors".

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