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Top Russian Ministers Ordered To Report On Work Of Government Regulators

Moscow, 27 April: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has made the government's deputy prime ministers personally responsible for the effectiveness of federal supervisory agencies, and has also instructed them to submit a report to the government by 1 October this year on improving the quality of the work these agencies do, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin has said.

"The prime minister has made the deputy prime ministers responsible for supervision and has instructed them to monitor the quality of their work," Kudrin told journalists.

According to him, Sergey Ivanov has been entrusted with issues relating to checkpoints on state borders, the supply of postal services and servicing at airports and railway stations.

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has been entrusted with issues relating to the implementation of technological supervision, as well as supervision over the rational use of mineral resources.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Zhukov has been entrusted with supervision and monitoring of health and disease control.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitriy Kozak has been entrusted with issues relating to the state's supervision of capital construction projects.

(First) Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov is overseeing issues relating to the supervision of fire safety, as well as supervision of the granting of visas and work permits on Russian territory, the finance minister added.

"Deputy prime ministers have been instructed to submit reports on the areas for which they are responsible, including assessments of the actions they have taken with respect to the quality of government services and observance of the requirements and procedures associated with implementing monitoring and supervision. The deadline is 1 October," the finance minister said.

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