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Tbilisi suspects Russia of preparing for war against Georgia

TBILISI. Aug 8 (Interfax) - The Georgian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the war in the Tskihinvali region, accusing Russia of continuing "the aggressive policy aimed at destroying the Georgian statehood." "In August 2008, the Russian Federation carried out wide-scale military aggression against Georgia by occupying 20% of Georgian territories and proclaiming the occupation regimes it had created to be 'independent states,'" the statement said.

Russian secret services organize and finance terrorist attacks in Georgia, the Georgian Foreign Ministry also said.

"It is obvious that the Russian Federation has not abandoned the idea of carrying out a new, full-scale military attack against Georgia," the statement said.

"Despite such actions by Russia, the Georgian authorities have chosen a peaceful, all inclusive, dialogue-oriented policy," the document said.

"Georgia continues its constructive participation at the Geneva talks and is open to a direct dialogue with the Russian Federation, without preconditions and at any level, with an aim to settle the existing problems peacefully," the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

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