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Electronic Reception Offices' To Enable Russians To Send Messages To President

Ryazan, 12 May: The Russian president's special electronic reception offices will appear by the end of 2011 in a number of small cities of Russia lying far away from regional centres, the deputy head of the administration of the head of state, Aleksandr Beglov, has said.

"In small cities with a population of over 100,000 people, we will set up special presidential electronic reception offices by the end of the year. They will be housed in buildings of municipal entities (ellipsis as received). It will be possible to send an electronic or a print message to the president, such as a fax, or leave a voice message," Beglov told journalists in Ryazan on Thursday (12 May).

He said that the plan is to set up about 50 such reception offices by the end of the year, and "an even greater number next year".

Beglov said that the reception offices would be equipped with video cameras, and the presidential directorate for citizens' communications will be able to call an individual and hold a video conference with them with the participation of officials who will respond to questions they are concerned about.

He also said that the Russian president's mobile reception offices will this year visit practically every region of the country.

"Dmitriy Anatolyevich has set a task to visit practically every region by the end of the year. We are planning that there will be at least 65 visits. These are just planned visits by the mobile reception office," said Beglov. In addition, he said, there can be unscheduled visits should there be a communication from citizens.

"Therefore, there may be a total of over 100 visits," said Beglov.

He said that the mobile reception office is technically well equipped, and hence can establish communication with practically any point in Russia. "It does not depend on the local communication network. It communicates directly with the president's reception which is situated in Ilyinka (street) in Moscow. All the information can be received in a matter of minutes via this means of communication," the deputy head of administration said.

He also said that a special working group has been set up under the administration by presidential decree, which analyses all the communication from citizens. "They analyse and draw up proposals with regard to a visit to one region or another," said Beglov.

He said that Medvedev had instructed all the administration employees to visit regions.

The deputy head of administration of the president opened the first mobile reception office in Ryazan on Thursday.

(Another Interfax report said, citing Beglov, said that Medvedev would visit one of the regions to receive members of the public in his mobile reception office. He said that the local authorities would not be informed of the visit in advance.)

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