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Democracy in Arabic Muslim country is direct way to Islamist dictatorship, renowned political expert believes

Two Men in Arab Dress and Camel With Egyptian Pyramid in BackgroundMoscow, February 9, Interfax - Renowned political scientist and the State Duma MP Sergey Markov is convinced that democracy in Muslim countries of the Middle East can become only a step to dictatorship of Islamic radicals.

"Today democracy in any Arabian Muslim country is a direct way to dictatorship of Islamists," he writes in his article in Izvestia daily.

According to him, situation in Egypt is very probable to develop on the Iranian scenario that unfolded 30 years ago: authorities will be changed every several weeks with a new temporary government and first it will be a coalition of the former regimen and moderate Western opposition a-la Mohamed El Baradei.

The expert believes that it will be changed by a coalition of moderate and radical opposition, but it will be still pro-Western that in its turn will be changed by radical pro-Western and moderate Islamic opposition. It will be followed by the Islamic government.

"Eventually, radicals will fully seize power and set up their dictatorship and all pro-Western politicians, advocates of the authoritarian regime and opposition will have to emigrate," Markov believes.

He is sure there is an organization of Islamists that is ready to take power - it is Muslim Brothers who killed the former president Sadat at a military parade.

Markov pointed out that "Islamists seek power not in Egypt" and they are ready to "inspire and support each other, pushing each other to power," and it can lead to "a powerful coalition of Islamist states that will declare political and perhaps even real war to Israel, which will plunge the region into chaos."

The expert believes that finally Israel will have to use nuclear weapons or seek powerful military support in the West, thus "USA and their NATO allies will be engaged in military actions to protect Israel in a new Arab-Israeli war."


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