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Experts expect Medvedev to assess social stratification in Russia at Yaroslavl forum

MOSCOW. Sept 2 (Interfax) - President Dmitry Medvedev's speech at the Yaroslavl World Political Forum to be held on September 7-8 will rigorously assess society's split into the rich and poor, said head of the Public Chamber's commission for economic development and support for entrepreneurship Valery Fadeyev, who is also the moderator of the section "Poor and Rich. Where is Justice?"

"I understand Medvedev's speech will be rigorous enough, including in its assessment of the situation in Russia and of society's split into the rich and poor. Social stratification is very strong in Russia among the more or less advanced states, and strongest in Europe," Fadeyev said at a news conference at Interfax on Friday.

"Russia's stratification level is as great as in Mexico and Turkey," he said. "Even the United States, where social stratification is very serious, is lagging far behind Russia in this respect," Fadeyev said.

"Although the number of poor citizens has decreased in recent years due to economic growth, their share stands at 27% by European standards, which is more than in any other European state," the expert said.

"The share of the poor has even increased over the years of economic growth, which suggests that economic growth does not bring more justice, at least over the eight years economic growth has been observed," Fadeyev said.

"How can this problem be solved? The country has again entered a phase of growth. Why do the mechanisms that enhance justice not work? I think Medvedev must be eager to learn that," he said.

Fadeyev also said that sections will work during the forum, while officials and the president are expected to attend plenary meetings on the second day.

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