Russians believe medical, housing, education rights violated most often - poll

Russian Constitutional CourtMoscow, 12 December: Russian citizens most often face violations of their rights to health care (38 per cent), accommodation (35 per cent) and education (32 per cent). These are the results of an opinion poll conducted by the VTsIOM All-Russia Public Opinion Research Centre on 4 and 5 December in 46 regions ahead of the Constitution Day holiday (marked on 12 December).

Russians are also worried about violations of their rights to recreation (21 per cent), social security (20 per cent), freedom and personal safety (19 per cent), life and labour (18 per cent each), protection of their rights and political freedoms, as well as participation in public and political life (16 per cent each).

The respondents believe that the following are violated much less often in Russia: religious freedoms and the freedom of conscience (15 per cent), the freedom of speech and thought (14 per cent), the right to privacy (13 per cent), the freedom of movement (10 per cent), the right to have a native tongue and the right to elect and be elected, as well as the right to private property (9 per cent each); the freedom of organizations and unions (8 per cent).

Speaking about the categories of people whose rights were violated most often, the respondents said that those were orphans (39 per cent), disabled people (35 per cent) and senior citizens (31 per cent). Russians also pointed to the legal vulnerability of children and adolescents (26 per cent) and homeless people (23 per cent).

Meanwhile, Levada Centre (opinion poll research agency) conducted its own poll on 19-22 November, ahead of the Russian Constitution Day.

The pollsters reported that 75 per cent of Russians correctly answered the question of what holiday is celebrated on 12 December, with only 21 per cent having difficulty in responding.

A third of the population (38 per cent) consider that the constitution guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens. A fourth of Russians (25 per cent) believe that the constitution does not play a significant role in the country's life. Almost the same number of people (22 per cent) believe that the constitution is designed to support order in the country.


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