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Setting up the All-Russia People's Front is dangerous for the One Russia party, head of the Russian University, political analyst Gleb Pavlovskiy has said, as reported by Interfax news agency on 17 May.

"I have said more than once that this project is very dangerous, first of all, for One Russia itself," Pavlovskiy told Russian journalists in Beijing on the sidelines of the Russian-Chinese conference Democratic Institutions in Polyethnic Societies.

"I believe that one should not expose the party to such a risk because it has been, in fact, pushed in the direction of a questionable and temporary structure of political nature consisting of people that, on the whole, are dubious and belong to the past, to those who were a failure in the past epoch and in other political projects," Pavlovskiy said.

"One Russia has many drawbacks. It should be improved, its leadership should be replaced, strengthened, led to a new struggle, and political-technological structures in the form of the people's front should not be built - this is my position," he added.

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