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From: "Publikationsreferat \(Matthias Neumann\)"
Subject: Announcement: kultura - Russian cultural review of the Research
Centre for East European Studies

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005

New: Russian cultural review of the Research Centre for East European
Monthly e-mail-newsletter free of charge

Dear subscribers of Publications on Russia,

the Research Centre for East European Studies in Bremen has launched
kultura, a new monthly Internet review dealing with current events and
trends in Russian culture.

Every issue will typically feature two analytical articles and a few shorter
pieces on related topics, as well as illustrations. The newsletter will be
distributed in PDF-format. Topics in the first issue are new spaces for
intellectual and cultural discussion (Moscow clubs, the Russian Internet).

kultura will be published in two editions, a German- and an English-language
edition. We will send you an unsolicited copy of the English-language
edition within the next few days - we hope this will meet with your
approval! This however in no way implies a subscription of kultura. The
first issue of the German-language version has already been sent to
subscribers, and is available for download from the homepage of the Research
Centre for East European Studies <www.forschungsstelle-osteuropa.de>.

We would be very happy if you subscribe to one edition (or both editions) of

In order to subscribe, please send an e-mail to:
publikationsreferat@osteuropa.uni-bremen.de with the subject line "kultura"
and the desired language.

Best regards
Hartmute Trepper, Isabelle de Keghel, Matthias Neumann
Publikationsreferat / Publications Dept.
Forschungsstelle Osteuropa /Research Centre for East European Studies
Klagenfurter Str. 3
D-28359 Bremen
Internet: http://www.forschungsstelle-osteuropa.de.