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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005
From: "Sergey A. Sergeyev" <maily2k@mail.ru>
Subject: Yukos and Adamov@JRL

DR Peter Rutland in JRL #9170:

> Contrary to some reports, the jailing of Khodorkovsky was not
> widely popular.
> > Moreover, it is safe to assume that the Russians who dislike Khodorkovsky
> come from the Communist/Nationalist wing of the electorate, and they take
> an equal dislike to the Putin administration and its cluster of loyal
> oligarchs. So the persecution of Khodorkovsky will not produce a surge of
> support for the Kremlin.

Its a "rosy glasses" to label huge part of Russian capitalism opponents as "red-brown" minority. As in whole Europe Lefts are visible part of society. Publicity of Yukos case in media does not correspond ( sadly or not) with common men daily problems.

(Same "paradox" with Chechen question or former Soviet General Secretary M.Gorbachev non-popularity in modern ex-USSR.After 1991 M. Gorbachev was blamed for "great country collapse" in his native land but he is still a cult among some Westerners.)

Certainly, spin doctors could use Yukos case instrumental in political struggle of elites and lead electorate with MBKh on banner. Current polls before and after case showed popularity of president Putin in Russia. Yukos "stone" in only one on Russian hill. History has now idea which one future political scientists will announce crucial one for political hanges .

Majority (not 10% of Communists ) is jealous to New Rich members of society. Sometimes its a mix of respect (he is with money) and hate (he, not I, stole our money). Russian privatisation constructor A.Chubais and "oligarkhs" in some eyes are locomotives of breaking up of old understandable system of social guaranties: "Certainly they protected their families but what about our apartments rents. It was almost free before they came".

Local observer in Samara weekly (region of Yukos activity ,too) wrote 2 weeks ago "I know ****(word - gas and oil professional jargon) since my kids years. My farther is "Honourable oilman of USSR", mother worked in that industry too. Neither he nor she became a millionaire. Don't tell me that all his money M.Khodorkovskiy earned the legal way. Its impossible."

As one American said:"I cannot tell you how I got first million,I can tell how I earned all next".

Well it shows common man's faith in K. Marx formula about usual illegal way of accumulation of starting capital.

Samara region.