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From: "Albert L. Weeks" <AWeeks11@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: 9159-Baseball
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005

The CTV news item (JRL #9159), that baseball is a virtual unknown in Russia, does not accord with my own experience. As per the following. I received an urgent e-mail message from Arkhangelsk in northwest Russia a couple of years ago asking urgently if I had any baseball equipment I could share with the expanding local baseball club there (yes, in the Russian far north!). The request came after I had sent a correspondent there in Arkhangelsk, a university professor, a jpg of myself when I was on the McGraw-Hill softball team in New York City around 1970. Today, as an octogenarian retiree and especially retired from playing ball, I replied that I would be glad to send the Arkhangelsk club of young people my righthanded fielder's glove and a major-league hard ball that I happened to have. They received the package and responded by expressing fullsome thanks. From correspondence across Russia and from reading the Russian press, I gather that baseball is anytime soon to replace, say, "futbol" (soccer). So, perhaps the CTV information related primarily to Moscow.