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Subject: Washington Profile Survey: Americas Most Influential Russians in 2004
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004
From: "Scott Stephens" <sstephens@Washprofile.org>

Washington Profile Survey: Americas Most Influential Russians in 2004

We would like to invite you to participate in Washington Profiles second annual survey to determine Americas most influential Russians (either citizens of the former Soviet Union residing in the United States or Russian-born naturalized U.S. citizens) in 2004.

Using last years results, we have added to and refined our original list of important persons from Russia and the former Soviet Union, which now total about 100. Below is the list of these individuals, separated into five categories by occupation.

Please take a moment to participate in this survey by simply copying and pasting the list below into a new email message, leaving only the names of those individuals you believe have been most influential in their respective spheres of activity during the past year and deleting all others. After you have gone through the list, please send the email message to info@washprofile.org.

As the objective of this survey is to determine American perception of these individuals influence, we ask that only citizens or permanent residents of the United States participate.

Once all surveys are in, we will tally the results and rank individuals according to number of votes received. This survey is being conducted on an anonymous basis and your participation will remain in the strictest confidence. Ratings will be used solely for the purposes of this survey.

If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact Scott Stephens at 202-232-8005 or by email at sstephens@washprofile.org.

We thank you for your time and participation.

Washington Profile staff


Science, Technology and Education

Abrikosov, Alexei Nobel Prize laureate, Argonne National Laboratory

Aksyonov-Meerson, Mikhail priest, philosopher

Aksyonov-Meerson, Olga professor, Georgetown University

Alibek, Ken professor, George Mason University

Bolonkin, Aleksandr professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Epstein, Mikhail professor, Emory University

Ivanov, Vyacheslav professor, University of California, Los Angeles

Kampov-Polevoi, Alexei professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Kaplan, Alexander professor, Johns Hopkins University

Khrushchev, Sergei son of Nikita Khrushchev, Brown University

Kvint, Vladimir professor, Fordham University

Linde, Andrei professor, Stanford University

Novikov, Sergei professor, University of Maryland

Sagdeev, Roald professor, University of Maryland

Shleifer, Andrei professor, Harvard University

Soifer, Valery professor, J. Meison University

Torchilin, Vladimir professor, Northeastern University

Varshavsky, Alexander professor, California Institute of Technology


Blavatnik, Len co-founder, Renova

Brin, Sergei Google founder

Dubograev, Dmitriy managing partner, International Legal Counsels

Gusinsky, Vladimir former NTV head, Media Most International, RTVi

Kislin, Sam commodities trader, TransCommodities

Kogan, Val president, Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council

Kukes, Simon chief executive officer, Yukos Oil

Simonenko, Dmitry vice president, SWSoft

Teplitskaya, Helen president, American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Politics, Mass-Media, Human Rights

Arsenian, Deana Carnegie Corporation of New York

Akhmadov, Ilyas a Chechen separatist leader

Aron, Leon director of Russian studies, AEI

Bonner, Elena human rights activist

Cohen, Ariel research fellow, Heritage Foundation

Derluguian, Georgy assistant professor, Northwestern University

Fishman, Boris writer, editor, translator

Freinkman, Lev senior economist, World Bank

Goldfarb, Alex Foundation for Civil Liberties

Grigoryan, David economist, International Monetary Fund

Kalugin, Oleg former KGB agent

Khrushcheva, Nina senior fellow, World Policy Institute

Konoplyov, Sergei director of Black Sea Program, Harvard University

Levin, Yevgeny publisher

Lozansky, Edward president, Russia House, American University

Melnichenko, Mykola Ukrainian dissident

Simes, Dmitry president, Nixon Center

Zlobin, Nikolai senior fellow, Center for Defense Information


Aksyonov, Vasiliy writer

Aleshkovsky, Yuz writer

Baryshnikov, Mikhail dancer

Bruskin, Grisha painter

Chemiakin, Mikhail painter

Druzhnikov, Yuri writer

Gleser, Aleksander art collector

Khidekel, Mark architect, designer

Komar, Vitaly painter

Konchalovsky, Andrei director

Korzhavin, Naum poet

Losev, Lev poet, critic

Malayev-Babel, Andrei theater director

Melamid, Alex painter

Moskovskaya, Katya writer, artist

Neizvestny, Ernst sculptor

Pikayzen, Tatiana pianist

Shteyngart, Gary writer

Smirnoff, Yakov artist

Stern, Isaac concert violinist

Strezeva, Svetlana opera singer

Tartakovsky, Gennady animator

Temirkanov, Yuri conductor

Tsukerman, Slava movie director

Volkov, Solomon writer


Akbarov, Marat figure skater

Bure, Pavel hockey player

Cohen, Sasha figure skater

Ekimov, Viacheslav bicyclist

Gonchar, Sergei figure skater

Gordeeva, Yekaterina figure skater

Habbibullin, Nikolai hockey player

Irbe, Artur hockey player

Ivanov, Valentin figure skater, trainer

Kasparaitis, Darius hockey player

Khavanov, Alex hockey player

Khryapa, Viktor basketball player

Kirilenko, Andrei basketball player

Kournikova, Anna tennis player

Kovaliov, Sergei hockey player

Krazelburg, Lenny swimmer

Larionov, Igor hockey player

Malkin, Evgeni hockey player

Marinin, Maxim figure skater

Martirosyan, Vanes boxer

Medvedenko, Stanislav basketball player

Myskina,Anastasia tennis player

Ovechkin, Alexander hockey player

Pershina, Marina figure skater

Podkolzine, Pavel basketball player

Potapenko, Vitaly basketball player

Salita, Dmitriy boxer

Samsonov, Artour member of US Olympics rowing team

Sharapova, Maria tennis player

Tarasova, Tanyana figure skater, trainer

Totmianina, Tatiana figure skater

Ulanov, Alexey figure skater, trainer

Yashin, Alexei hockey player