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From: "Ilya Merenzon" <merenzon@prgroup.info>
Subject: Russian-Americans and the economy
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004
Russian-Americans Are Divided About the State Of the US Economy After the Presidential Election

(New York, November 15, 2004) While the stock market optimistically responds to the encouraging employment data, which indicates growth of the US economy, Russian-speaking Americans, in the survey conducted by Press Release Group, indicated that they do not have confidence in the long term economic prosperity. 52% of the respondents acknowledged that feel that now is not a good time to look for a job. They believe that now their prospects of finding a new job are dimmer than five years ago.

This is quite logical says Ilya Merenzon, Director of Research for Press Release Group, which conducts weekly surveys of the Russian-American market. Russian-speakers often hold higher-paying jobs, the ones that easy to loose in the cost-cutting economy and difficult to find. Therefore, Russian-speakers are concerned about their jobs more than most other ethnic groups adds Merenzon.

Russian-speaking Americans are also concerned about the long-term US economic prospects: 51% of those surveyed by Press Release Group indicated that they expect the economy to become worse during George Bushs second term as president.

The Press Release Group survey was conducted among a random sample of adult Russian-Americans two days after the Presidential election in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

For additional information, methodology and other data on the Russian-American market, go to www.prgroup.info.