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Russia: Poll Reveals 50 Percent of Russians Want Neutrality in Ukraine Election Runoff

MOSCOW. Nov 11 (Interfax) - A recent poll has shown that 50% of Russians do not want their country's authorities to support any of the candidates in the November 21 run-off of the Ukrainian presidential elections.

The November 6 public opinion survey conducted by the Public Opinion foundation suggests that one-quarter of respondents would like the Russian authorities to back either Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych (20%) or opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko (5%).

Twenty-three percent of those polled said that Yanukovych's victory "would meet Russia's interests more" that Yushchenko's. Eight percent of respondents said that Yushchenko would be a better option for Russia than Yanukovych.

Twenty percent of those surveyed said it does not matter to Russia who will win the elections, while 50% were undecided.