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MOSCOW, October 21 (RIA Novosti) - Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov said talks with Aslan Maskhadov were inadmissible.

"Negotiations with bandits are inadmissible anyway. I wouldn't speak to children's murderers even for the sake of other children, because no one is guaranteed against these monsters killing your children next time," said the chairman of parliament's upper house, commenting on the idea of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers about holding talks with Maskhadov.

Bandits "have put themselves beyond civilization," said Mr. Mironov.

He recalled that no draftees participate in warfare in Chechnya any more.

"From the point of view of protection of their sons there is no ground, for draftees' mothers to raise this issue," said Mr. Mironov.

He specially stressed that the parliamentary commission would surely complete its work, and all reasons and circumstances of the terrorist act in Beslan would be made public.

"All will be revealed. Everything the final version of the report will contain will be made public," said the chairman.

In Mr. Mironov's words, the commission works very professionally and puts competent questions to everyone it questions.

The commission made the decision to issue a press release after each session. "Each Friday the press will receive information about the results of the latest session of the commission," said the chairman.

The chairman of the parliamentary commission on investigation of the terrorist act in Beslan, Alexander Torshin, said in turn that on Thursday commission members started to exchange information on issues work on which was underway.

"At first we hold talks with the republican level, then, as required, the deputy head of the FSB, the deputy Interior Minister, and all who were on site will be questioned," he said.

Commenting on information in mass media on the Beslan tragedy, Mr. Torshin said that, the work completed, the commission will make separateconclusions in regard to such publications.

"We will separate rumors and information that were not confirmed," he said. At the same time, in some publications, in Mr. Torshin's words, there are some reasonable ideas which give grounds for investigation.

The commission head refused to speak about hypothetical terms of the commission's work's completion. "It takes even the prosecutor's office two months to investigate. We have worked for one month," he said.

The State Duma representative in the commission, deputy chairman of the security committee, Valery Dyatlenko also expressed confidence that the commission must not make hasty conclusions.

"Each department sees the situation in its own way. We have to provide an unbiased picture: who, what and how. It is wrong to provide information of different departments. It will be possible to get the general picture when we collect and assess everything," he stressed.