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Russian political scientists comment on stricter U.S. policy on Belarus

MOSCOW. Oct 21 (Interfax) - The Belarus Democracy Act signed by the U.S. president confirms a policy which is actually aimed at overthrowing the Belarussian authorities, Political Research Institute Director Sergei Markov told Interfax on Thursday.

"In fact, it is a systemic plan of large-scale actions against Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko," he said.

"Obviously, financial and political support to organizations and the media in opposition to the authorities will now mount," he said. "EU pressure on Belarus will grow as well."

"No less than half of Belarussians supported the incumbent president in the referendum, but the active minority can achieve success, especially if large-scale actions are accompanied with a revolt in the presidential team," he said.

Meanwhile, Political Science Professor Andranik Migranian from the MGIMO Moscow State University of International Relations does not think that Belarus has any other alternative.

"Everything will depend on the position of Russia," Migranian told Interfax. "Lukashenko's dependence on Moscow is becoming maximal."

The professor found it difficult to say what position Russia might take in this situation.

"It is time for Russia to define its position, because the West has done so, Lukashenko has done so, and the opposition has done so," Migranian said.