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October 12, 2004
The Truth About Beslan Too Scary to Reveal -- Parliamentary Committee

The parliamentary committee appointed to investigate the []Beslan tragedy may keep the results of its investigation a secret, simply because they are too scary.

Over 330 people -- half of them children -- died in the three-day hostage drama in a school in southern Russia after up to 30 militants stormed the building on the first day of class.

The truth about the real organizers of the terror attack may be so scary that revealing it would lead to new, bloody conflicts, Newsru.com quoted Duma deputy and committee member Yuri Savelyev as saying at a press conference in St. Petersburg.

Earlier this week, committee chairman and Duma speaker Alexander Torshin announced that new videotapes found in Beslan over the weekend shed light on the events of September 1-3.

The committee also plans to meet Thursday with former president of Ingushetia Ruslan Aushev, who was instrumental in negotiating with the terrorists on the second day of the siege, leading to the release of dozens of children.

We have a lot of questions for Aushev, in particular, why he got involved in the investigation, why he led 26 people out of the school [on the second day of the siege] and who they were, Newsru.com quoted Savelyev as saying.