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October 11, 2004
U.S. Russias Enemy Number One Poll

The United States is seen as Russias prime foreign enemy according to a poll by the nations Public Opinion Foundation last week. With 68 percent of respondents convinced Russia had enemies abroad that could start a war, 25 percent said that the chief enemy was the United States.

Only 7 percent said the threat came from Arab countries or Islamic groups. And another 7 percent said the threat came from Chechnya. A mere 5 percent named terrorists as the number one threat.

The poll, the results of which were published on the foundations website, asked 1,500 people across Russia to describe how they felt about Russias image abroad.

Nearly half of those polled 46 percent said that Russia had a poor image abroad, while 40 percent said Russia had a positive image.

Of the countries U.S. President George Bush labeled two years ago as the axis of evil - Iran, Iraq, and North Korea only two percent saw Iraq as an enemy, one percent saw a threat coming from Iran, and one percent from Asian countries including North Korea and Vietnam.