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New grassroots antiterror organization starts work in Russia
RIA Novosti

Moscow, 4 October: The national public organization Russia-Antiterror, one of the founders of which is well-known theatre and cinema actor Aristarkh Livanov, started work today. The movement, which was officially set up on Friday 1 October, intends to organize preventative measures to help in the fight against terrorism.

"In the last few years I have travelled a lot in this country and have seen with my own eyes how Russia lives, how hard it is for people - both those fighting in the conflict zones and those who have suffered from terrorism," Livanov told RIA-Novosti in an exclusive interview. "Many people now live in fear, expecting tragedy to occur and asking the state for protection. But why should we expect someone to protect us? I am sure that we have to help ourselves. This is where the idea came from to set up this organization that helps unite people who are concerned not just for their own fate, but also the fate of all Russia."

According to Livanov, the movement will undertake preventative work. Branches of the organization will be set up in all Russia's regions and citizens' advice bureaus will be opened that work in cooperation with official law-enforcement agencies.

"Our main aim is to help the state establish and consolidate a civic society," said Livanov.

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On Tuesday [5 October] Russia-Antiterror's action group, headed by Livanov, will travel to Rostov-na-Donu, where a branch of the new organization will be set up.