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SOCHI, August 23 (RIA Novosti) - Vladimir Putin commented on the U.S. senator's statements on the U.S. intent to make efforts towards overthrowing Alexander Lukashenko from the post of Belarus' president.

"The USA has different opinions, different viewpoints and different powers, which have different attitudes towards what is going on in the USA and in the world. So, why being hung up on one opinion. I even do not know whether he (the senator) is right or not, I am not aware of his statements", said the Russian president at a press conference.

At the same time, Russia's head of state said that there were lots of senators, while there was one Belarus. "We have always spoken in favour of own sovereignty and the right for independence in decision-making both in our domestic policy and on the international arena and we will support our allies in this", Mr. Putin pointed out.

"We in our country and Belorussians in theirs have to think on our own, be independent in making decisions and assessments as to our steps in economy, policy, social sphere and internal security", said the Russian president.

In his turn, Mr. Lukashenko pointed out that he had been "overthrown" over several years at a run, but to no avail.

"There is no reason to be specially distressed either in Russia or Belarus for overthrowing Lukashenko by any senators. It was not them who put me on the post, and they will not be the ones to overthrow me. There are the Belorussian people, which are very good at overthrowing and appointing", said the Belorussian president.

"If the presidential elections take place and Lukashenko participates in them, it will take us less than a month or two to count the votes "for" or "against", assured the Belorussian president.

Vladimir Putin stated that the upcoming elections to the Belorussian parliament would show how the Belorussian people see the activities of the country's administration.

"As is rightful in democratic countries, approval or disapproval can only be expressed through the only democratic method of elections. October will see the elections to the Belorussian parliament, then we will see how the Belorussian people assess the activities of Belarus' leadership", said the Russian president.

"I know that Alexander Grigoryevich /Lukashenko/ is waiting for the elections and getting ready for them, this is the highest assessment", said Mr. Putin.