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#4 - JRL 7271
TV1 Review
Compiled by Luba Schwartzman (luba_sch@hotmail.com)
Research Analyst, Center for Defense Information, Moscow office

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

::  Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chairwoman of the Presidential Commission for Human Rights Ella Panfilova. They discussed a number of issues, including social control over the human rights in prisons.

::  President Putin also met with Yuri Maltsev, the new head of the Regional Headquarters for Counterterrorist Operations in the North Caucasus, and Minister of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov to discuss the transfer of control of the counterterrorist operation in the North Caucasus from the Federal Security Service to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

::  Minister of Nationalities Policy Vladimir Zorin reported to President Putin on the implementation of the development program for Native and Small Peoples through 2011.

::  The Russian helicopter crew in Sudan has been released. The 13 crew members are at the Russian Embassy in Khartoum, ready to go home.

::  The Mobile Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting search operations to find explosives and drugs.

::  The number of victims in yesterdays terrorist act in Ingushetia has grown to five. Four servicemen had died on location when their truck hit a landmine. Today, one of the two wounded men died in the hospital.

::  The new Be-200 amphibious airplane is being tested in the Irkutsk Oblast. Seven such aircraft will be built for the Ministry of Emergencies.

::  Russian Ministry of Emergencies helicopters arrived to the Riviera to help French firefighters.

::  The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church is holding an away meeting in Sarov. Patriarch Alexii II consecrated the Cathedral of Serafim Sarovsky, built 100 years ago.

::  The last group of Russian peacekeepers arrived to the suburbs of Moscow from Kosovo.

::  A large batch of heroin -- about 200 kilograms -- was detained in the suburbs of Moscow.

::  FSB Officer Georgii Trogimov, who died on July 10, would have celebrated his 30th birthday today.

::  A large Sports Center was opened in Chekhov, in the suburbs of Moscow. Chairman of the State Sports Commission Vyacheslav Fetisov attended the opening ceremony.

::  A unique museum has been opened in Vladivostok. It is located in the oldest section of the citys fortress, Fort 7.

::  16,000 hectares of forest are still on fire on the Sakhalin Islands.

::  Zookeepers are using artificial snow to save polar bears from the heat in Moscow.

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