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#11 - JRL 7269
Subject: Russian math
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003
From: "Will Harte" <Wharte@cr.k12.ia.us>

Perpendicular Press of Iowa City, Iowa, announces publication of the first English translation of a popular sixth grade mathematics textbook by the eminent Estonian authors Enn Nurk and Aksel Telgmaa. First published in 1987, Mathematics 6 took the Soviet education establishment by storm, winning the national competition for best new math book that year.

Still used today by students from Moscow to Magadan, Mathematics 6 takes a straightforward approach to exploring the fundamentals of numbers, providing the standard algorithms of arithmetic necessary to master algebra and geometry. Whether you are a fourth grade whiz kid looking for a little excitement in life, or a high school senior stressed out about that upcoming state exit exam, you will benefit from the clarity and depth this engaging book offers all readers.

Translated and adapted by Will Harte, Mathematics 6 includes: 59 carefully designed lessons; 1118 exercises of varying degrees of difficulty; Four "independent assignments" on key topics; "A Little History" of the fascinating world of mathematics; "Check Your Understanding" questions at the end of each chapter;

For more information, please see www.perpendicularpress.com

The book is being published by agreement with Drofa Publishers, Moscow, one of Russia's leading textbook publishers.

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