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Only 29% of Russians think state can wipe out terrorism - poll

MOSCOW. July 25 (Interfax) - An opinion poll suggests that 63% of Russians do not expect either intelligence services or police to protect them from terrorism, while another 29% take the opposite view.

Thirty-three percent believe bombings will continue till "all the rebels have been bumped off in their burrows," and 25% think there will be a threat of terrorism no matter what how the situation develops.

Sixteen percent are convinced that terrorism will remain a threat till Russia withdraws its troops from Chechnya while in the opinion of 15%, the problem will be solved if all of the suicide bombers who have been trained are killed.

Eighty-one percent fear that they and their relatives may fall victim to terrorism, 10% have never thought about this, whereas another 8% are sure both they and their relatives are safe, the All-Russia Center for Public Opinion Studies (VTsIOM) said in reporting a survey in which 1,600 were questioned on July 17-21.

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