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Over half of Russians prepared for parliamentary elections

MOSCOW. July 23 (Interfax) - Fifty five percent of Russian citizens would be prepared to take part in parliamentary elections should they be held next Sunday. One fourth of the respondents (26%) are not planning to go to the polling stations, while the rest of the potential voters are undecided.

These conclusions were announced on Wednesday by the National Public Opinion Center (VTSIOM) following a poll involving 1,600 citizens, held from July 17 to 21.

The United Russia party and the Communists would receive 27% and 25% of the votes, respectively, should elections be held on Sunday.

In June these parties enjoyed the same ratings.

The Yabloko party came third with 6% against 8% in June and the Liberal Democratic Party fourth with 5% against 6% in June.

The rest of the parties would not be able to reach the 5% barrier required for getting through to the State Duma. The Union of Right Forces (SPS) can count on just 4% of votes, against 3% in June.

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