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#5 - JRL 7255
TV1 Review
Compiled by Luba Schwartzman (luba_sch@hotmail.com)
Research Analyst, Center for Defense Information, Moscow office

Thursday, July 17, 2003

- Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed problems facing small Russian cities at a meeting with local administrators in Staraya Ladoga. Trouble areas include the budget, housing and utilities and high taxes.

- Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov chaired a Cabinet meeting on the future of privatization of federal property. The government will sell its shares in almost 2,000 enterprises next year, worth a total of at least 35 billion rubles. Also on the agenda was the development of the domestic fishery industry.

- Prime Minister Kasyanov is heading to Ukraine to attend a meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian Cooperation Commission.

- Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov is ending his tour of the Middle Eastern in Egypt. He has already visited the Palestinian Autonomy, Jordan and Syria. Ivanov declared that the UN Security Council should review the situation in Iraq and consider future actions.

- Chairman of the Europan Commission Romano Prodi suggested that a visa-free regime between Russia and Europe may be established by 2008.

- Search-and-rescue workers in Moscow practiced procedures in the event of a terrorist act.

- The prosecutor in the Budanov case demanded a sentence of 12 years of imprisonment in a maximum-security prison for the colonel, who is accused of killing Chechen girl, Elza Kungaeva.

- Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov is inspecting the Southern Federal District. He visited the 10th special-purpose brigade, deployed in Krasnodar Krai.

- Federal Security Service Director Nikolai Patrushev arrived in Chechnya to check up on the transfer of operations in the North Caucasus from the FSB to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- Three people died and 30 were injured when a remote-controlled landmine went off in Khasavyurt.

- The Day of Naval Aviation was marked in Russia.

- Military observers and UN civil police officers completed a training program in Solnechnogorsk.

- In Sochi, a teenager who was shooting passersby from an air rifle has been detained. He wounded 6 people, including a pregnant woman.

- Three poachers were detained in the Vladivostor Port. They were carrying the skeleton of an Amur tiger.

- The Russian city of Pskov celebrates its 1100th anniversary.

- Entrance exams begin at most Russian universities.

- Over 10,000 people participated in a religious procession commemorating Nicholas II, held in Yekaterinburg.

- Rural doctors are in desperate need of ambulances.

- Major hurricanes and rising water levels are expected in Russias southern regions.

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