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BBC Monitoring
Russian president talks to local people during trip to regions
Source: NTV, Moscow, in Russian 1100 gmt 17 Jul 03

[Presenter] Russian President Vladimir Putin is visiting the first capital of the ancient Russia. It used to be a town and now it is a village of Staraya Ladoga, not far from St Petersburg. According to official information, Putin will hold a meeting in Staraya Ladoga to discuss problems of development of small towns. The main part of his visit today will be devoted to cultural programmes. Our correspondent has the details.

[Correspondent] Putin is finishing the meeting dedicated to small towns' problems. [Passage omitted]

Putin talked a lot with local people today. They told him about their troubles and asked for assistance. Requests varied from increasing pensions to repairing roofs.

[Unidentified local woman] Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are so glad.

[Putin] Hello.

[Unidentified elderly man] We have a serious request to you. Help pensioners.

[Putin] This is exactly what we are doing.

[An official standing next to Putin, uncaptioned] You know about the eight-per-cent [pension] increase, don't you?

[People] Yes, we do.

[The man] Right, but prices have increased more, they are rocketing.

[Putin] Yes, prices are growing, however, they are rising at lower rates than income growth.

[Unidentified man] Could you support agricultural producers?

[Unidentified woman] Please, help us to roof [a building]. We need R300,000. [Passage omitted]

[Video shows Putin talking to a crowd of local people]

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