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Kremlin working group to propose steps to accelerate GDP growth

MOSCOW. July 16 (Interfax) - The Kremlin administration has set up a working group to draft proposals for increasing the rate of GDP growth, group member and State Duma deputy Gennady Kulik told Interfax.

Presidential aide Igor Shuvalov heads the group, which includes experts Georgy Boos and Andrei Kokoshin. Kulik, Boos and Kokoshin are Fatherland-All Russia party members.

"The group was tasked with proposing ideas that will help attain the long-term goal of doubling GDP set by the president. The mid-term objective is to intensify GDP growth," Kulik noted. The group will convene in a few days for the first time.

"We should name the people responsible for particular directions of work and determine whether laws, amendments, presidential decrees or governmental resolutions will be necessary to implement the approved proposals," he said.

Kulik declined to confirm whether Communist Party member and State Duma deputy Sergei Glazyev was included in the group.

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