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#7 - JRL 7250
TV1 Review
Compiled by Luba Schwartzman (luba_sch@hotmail.com)
Research Analyst, Center for Defense Information, Moscow office


Monday, July 14, 2003

- Russian President Vladimir Putin held several working meetings. Minister of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov informed the president about the results of his ministrys work over the first half of the year. He noted that the number of registered crimes has decreased by 5 percent.

- Chairman of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev told the president about the introduction of juries into the Russian judicial system. Juries are currently operating in 83 of the 89 Russian regions. One in five criminals prefers a jury trial.

- Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman reported that a new law on communications was signed last week. It is expected to solve a number of social problems and develop the communications market.

- At a meeting with Cabinet Ministers, President Putin discussed relations and cooperation between business and the government. He also spoke about agricultural affairs, the financial system and the upcoming meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission.

- In Moscow, residents are being more vigilant after the recent terrorist acts. They are ready to report all suspicious persons to the police, although some are not sure what such suspicious persons look like. Residents are also ready to form citizen patrols and search for terrorists themselves. Moscow City Duma deputies are working on appropriate legislation.

- Presidential elections in the Republic of Chechnya, scheduled for October 5th, are expected to cost 57 million rubles. The first candidate to submit his application is Said-Khamzat Gairbekov, a representative of the Chechnen diaspora in Astrakhan. Gairbekov must gather 20,000 signatures to be registered as a candidate.

- Russian passport holders in Turkmenistan can apply for resident status.

- The Constitutional Court ruled in favor of entrepreneurs on an appeal concerning the admissibility of foreign tax documents on exported goods.

- Junior Sergeant Vladimir Bryukhov deserted his division in the Maritime region of Novorossiisk.

- Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov met with Palestinian leaders. Israel will invite him for negotiations in the fall.

- The Prince of Wales will participate in the transfer of the Adventure Yacht to the Russian Navy and visit a number of St. Petersburg attractions. Prince Charles declared that St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

- Surveillance and eavesdropping devices were found in the Yukos building.

- Russians mark the 260th anniversary of the birthday of great Russian poet and statesman, Gavriil Derzhavin.

- A memorial service was held at the Federal Security Service Cultural Center for sapper Georgii Trofimov, who died on July 10th.

- 27 people have been injured in the explosions at the Pacific Fleet ammunitions base, 50 kilometers away from Vladivostok. Officers and sappers must wait for the explosions to cease before approaching the area.

- The Ministry of Economic Development is developing plans to include electronic identification inserts in Russian passports.

- The law On Political Parties becomes effective today only officially-registered parties will be able to participate in elections.

- Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg Anna Markova declared that she will participate in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

- Russian President Vladimir Putin met with members of a trilateral commission on the regulation of labor relations. Deputy Prime Minister Galina Karelova, Minister of Labor Aleksandr Pochinok, Chairman of the Federation of Independent Labor Unions Mikhail Shmakov and Representative of the Co-Federation of Employers Oleg Yeremeyev attended.

- President Putin also met with Minister of Economic Development German Gref to discuss the national economy. Gref reported that, over the first 6 months of 2003, Russia has enjoyed notable growth in GDP (7.2%), manufacturing (6.8%) and investment (11.9%)

- Russian Minister of Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov refuted rumors that he will leave his post.

- Russian television channels may cease broadcasting in Israel for financial reasons.

- Russian Atomic Energy Minister Aleksandr Rumyantsev told President Putin that his ministry is exceeding target goals by 7 %.

- A guided missile from an SU-24 airplane hit a house in the Rugulovo settlement in the Leningrad Oblast. One person was hospitalized with minor injuries.

- Two pilots, Major Pilipchuk and Captain Podkopnikov died when the L-39 aircraft they were flying crashed shortly before landing. An investigation is underway.

- The Moscow City Court will not release the Yukos Security Service Director.

- A dangerous international con artist, French citizen Joel Sambuis, was detained in Moscow. He has been tried in France three times. He jumped bail and fled to Russia, where he married a Russian woman and lived under a false name.

- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Gholamali Khoshru, currently attending talks in Moscow, declared that Teheran is in favor of signing the additional protocol to the non-proliferation treaty.

- Representatives of the United Russia Party spoke in favor of lowering taxes applied to small businesses.

- Junior Sergeant Vladimir Bryukhov, who deserted his division near Novorossiisk, was wounded during the apprehension and died on the way to the hospital.

- Georgia and Abkhazia are renewing negotiations on regional security and the non-renewal of military operations.

- As part of a demonstration against higher customs fees on import cars, Russian drivers in Nakhodka smashed three domestic cars a Zhiguli, a Moskvich and a Zaporozhets.

- The Russian government forbade the sale of audio-video materials at non-permanent locations (such as stalls or stands in the street). This is part of the fight against pirated audio-video production.

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