Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #7248 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Putin Conversation 1 Mortimer Zuckerman, A Kremlin conversation U.S. News & World Report
U.S.-Russian Military Cooperation 2 Russia-US military cooperation is advanced and developing - US defence attache BBC Monitoring
Economic Transformation 3 Structural Reform vs. Growth Moscow Times
Yevgeny Yasin
Journalism in Russia, YUKOS Probe 4 How a journalist gets at the Truth Gideon Lichfield
Environment, Kyoto 5 Why is Russia dragging its feet on Kyoto? Financial Times (UK)
Michael Grubb
Yuri Safonov
Environment, Kyoto 6 Russian ratification of Kyoto Protocol likely next year The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
Tadayoshi Sakaguchi
Oligarchs 7 The secret life of Russia's millionaires The Scotsman
Tom Parfit
Dance 8 Dance. New steps for old. As the Kirov comes to London, our critic finds a company whose future rests with its past. The Times (UK)
Debra Caine
Economic & Societal Change 9 A Low, Dishonest Decadence: A Letter from Moscow. It is shortsighted to judge Russia's progress by superficial materialist measures--or have we forgotten what the Cold War was really about? The National Interest
David Satter