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PPE Group Survey Reveals Spending Patterns and Demands of the Russian Consumer

MOSCOW--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 2003--An in depth survey of 150,000 Russian consumers published today by The PPE Group, Russia's leading retail distribution and mail order services company, provides the first detailed profile of the Russian consumer.

The survey found that 'a stereo' and 'a microwave' were the most popular items at the top of the Russian consumer's shopping list. And with 67% of respondees not owning a car and only 3% having Internet access the shopping wish list is set to evolve as the retail market develops over the coming years.

The survey also found that when it comes to personal finance and savings Russians lag behind their European counterparts. This may be related to another key finding in the survey where 93% of participants were unhappy with their pay and only 8% were able to make regular savings.

Some Key Findings

-- Only 9% of the respondees stated that, 'they would prefer to borrow money from the bank', compared to 72% who stated that they would prefer to borrow money off friends or family' and only 8% able to make regular savings

-- The top two items on the 'what to buy this year' list are a stereo' and 'microwave'. Consumers preferred to spend less than 300 roubles on wine than on vodka.

-- The largest body of respondees spend their holiday at home (40%) and only 2% take holidays abroad.

-- 97% of the respondees don't have Internet access, 67% do not own a car, 64% have land-line phones and only 11% of the consumers have mobiles.

To view the full findings please email ppe@fd.com to obtain a free copy of the report.

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