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JRL #7245 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Government, Putin, Democracy 1 PUTIN'S PEOPLE. Does our future include a militarized Russia and authoritarian rule? Vedomosti
Olga Kryshtanovskaya
TV1 Review:
News Summary
2 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Chechnya 3 Plan to Hand More Autonomy to Chechnya Has Its Skeptics New York Times
Sabrina Tavernise
Chechnya & Iraq 4 Chechnya: an apology The Guardian (UK) letter
Peter Reddaway
Iraq 5 Conflicting Storylines in Iraq Moscow Times
Matt Bivens
Iraq, Chechnya 6 America must avoid the Chechnya trap Financial Times (UK)
Mark Brzezinski
Pope John Paul II, Russian Orthodox 7 Pope Again Reaches Out to Orthodox Church AP
Tennis 8 Russian revolution. (re tennis) Washington Times
Patrick Hruby
Pensions 9 Can Russia Defuse Its Pension Time Bomb? The government hopes private plans will perform better. Business Week
Jason Bush
Prisons 10 Pristavkin: Prisoners Not Better Off Today Moscow Times
Robin Munro
Limonov 11 Maverick writer freed. (Eduard Limonov) gazeta.ru
Bykov Obituary 12 obituary: Vasil Bykau. (Vasily Bykov) The Times (UK)
Kasyanov 13 THE KASIANOV CABINET IS FINISHING ITS GAME. What are the tycoons really hoping for? Rodnaya Gazeta
Alexei Bogaturov
Chubais Interview 14 ANATOLY CHUBAIS: STAGNATION IS THE REVERSE SIDE OF STABILITY. An interview with Anatoly Chubais, CEO of RAO UES. Kommersant
Konstantin Smirnov
Politics, Left 15 Red and pink blot on the landscape gazeta.ru
Baltic Pipeline
16 President Putin: Baltic Pipeline Is Answer to Europe's Energy Shortage Rosbalt
EU 17 EU Does Not Want Russia Walking on Its 'European Lawn.'
(interview with Alexander Rahr)