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#16 - JRL 7245
President Putin: Baltic Pipeline Is Answer to Europe's Energy Shortage

KALININGRAD, June 30. Building a Russian pipeline along the Baltic Sea floor will alleviate Europe's future energy shortage, according to President Vladimir Putin. The president was speaking at a press conference in Kaliningrad.

'Judging by predictions for the development of the European economy, it is clear that over the next 10-15 years it will not have enough energy resources,' said Putin. 'The day when British and Norwegian gas supplies run out is not that far away, and after that we will become Europe's only supplier. Russia understands its level of responsibility and is working with Europe to find solutions to this problem. The Baltic problem is one such solution.'

The president did not exclude the possibility that even this pipeline will not completely meet Europe's future energy needs. He admitted that transportation of natural gas through Poland, which is interested in such a project, might be increased.

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