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#11 - JRL 7243
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Subject: Audio file: Radio Show on Russian environment
From: John Deever <john@isar.org>

Illegal logging, nuclear contamination, endangered wildlife, oil spills: Russia has a host of environmental problems, without the political will to address them. Why isn't environmental protection a national priority? What are local NGOs doing to improve matters?

"Western multinational corporations interested in the largely undeveloped natural resources of Russia are saying, 'Now we can come in and no one will keep an eye on us.' That makes them a very dangerous factor in Russia, where environmental regulation is very poorly applied," said Eliza Klose of ISAR and David Gordon of Pacific Environment, who spoke to KPFA radio this week:


(Scroll down briefly for the Wed. June 25 program, a 53-minute program downloadable for free as an MP3 file.)

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