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Putin English 1 Putin's English Earns Him an A AP
Political Reforms, Economic Reforms  2 Russia has firmly opted for freedom, democracy and market reforms RIA Novosti
Putin 3 Keeping Vladimir Putin on Track New York Times editorial
Chechnya War, Ingushetia, Human Rights Abuses 4 Russian troops terrorise farmers as Chechen war crosses border The Guardian (UK)
Nick Paton Walsh
Oil 5 Western money greets Russian oil power in London Reuters
Foreign Investment 6 Russia's Fifth Year of Economic Growth Lures BP, Danone, Nestle Bloomberg
Investment, Oil, BP 7 Aiming to clean up in Russia with record deal. The success of BP's huge project will not only be judged in oil and money. Financial Times (UK)
Carola Hoyos
Arkady Ostrovsky
Economy, Illarionov, GDP 8 ILLARIONOV KNOWS HOW TO DOUBLE RUSSIAN GDP. Russian Economic Policy Must Resemble Chinese Model. Kommersant
Irina Granik
Corruption 9 As Elections Approach, Russians See Corruption Crackdown New York Times
James Brooke
Kremlin Vacancies 10 THE KREMLIN'S CAUTIOUS PERSONNEL POLICY. Putin still faces a shortage of qualified people for top jobs. Argumenty i Fakty
Vitaly Tseplyayev
Aleksander Kolesnichenko
Yakovlev 11 CAPITAL CLEMENCY. Yakovlev's promotion to federal minister may be a sign of Putin's weakness. Profil
Vladimir Rudakov
Putin in Scotland 12 From Russia with praise - a VIP tourist The Scotsman
Edward Black
TV1 Review:
News Summary
13 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Novaya Gazeta Digest:
News Summary
14 Novaya Gazeta Digest Luba Schwartzman
Blair-Putin Summit 15 What Mr. Blair Should Say to the Russian Leader The Independent (UK)
Anna Neistat
Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev & Bush 16 President Nursultan Nazarbayev has gone to extraordinary lengths in the past decade to gain influence in the US capital and is seeking to limit the damage from a bribery scandal Financial Times (UK)
Joshua Chaffin