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#16 - JRL 7240
Putin says state, society should be based on law and order

Edinburgh, 25 June: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday [25 June] that law and order were "the basis on which the state should be built and society [should] develop".

At a meeting with business, scientific and creative circles of Scotland at Signet Library in Edinburgh, President Putin said it was "a great pleasure" for him "to be and speak in the splendid hall" of the library, where "one can feel history and where an atmosphere of adherence to law reigns".

"The Cold War page is closed, but we are facing new difficulties, contradictions and threats," the president stated. He listed among them interethnic conflicts, international terrorism, organized crime, drug business, ecological threats, mass epidemics and the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The scope of these problems "is growing each year", the president emphasized.

"Globalization involves currently all spheres: capital, information, politics and also threats," Putin told the audience. "We must adequately react to those challenges," he added.

The Russian president is confident "that our solidarity is the most effective mechanism of reacting" to those challenges. "Only our unity, mutual respect and trust can help us," Putin emphasized.

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