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First 100% Russian Shopping Centre Mosmart Opens in Moscow

MOSCOW, June 24. The first ever Russian shopping centre Mosmart has opened in the north east district of the Russian capital on the Yaroslavl highway. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this has been announced by the press office of the Moscow administration. The shopping centre was entirely built by Russian businessmen, who invested a total of USD 30 million in the centre.

The shopping centre has a total area of 16.5 thousand square metres and contains more than 50 thousand different goods. The centre includes a launderette, a dry-cleaner's, a photographer's, a pharmacy, a beauty salon, a currency exchange and a children's room. There is also an underground car park accommodating up to a thousand cars at a time. There are plans to build 8-10 similar shopping centres in Moscow over the next few years, 2 of which will be opened by 2003 and the rest to be opened in 2004.

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