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Most Russians Believe Youngsters Today Are Less Prepared for Adult Life than Previous Generations

MOSCOW, June 24. Most Russians (53%) believe youngsters today are less prepared for adult life than previous generations. This was the result of a survey of 1500 people carried out by the Public Opinion fund on June 14, 2003. Only 22% of respondents said they believe young Russians today are better prepared for adult life.

In addition, 65% of respondents believe that young people are not as well brought up as the previous generation. The same high percentage of Russians believe that youngsters are less concerned about work than they are about leisure. On the other hand, 40% claim that school-leavers today know more than school-leavers of previous generations while only 35% hold the opposite opinion.

The survey also elicited that 55% of Russians are convinced that young people want to leave their home town or village as soon as possible. This figure rose to 61% among respondents in the 18-35 age range. What is more, 40% said young people are more concerned about finding work and earning money as soon as possible whereas only 33% asserted that education is the main priority for young people.

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