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Support for Putin high ahead of 2004 Russian presidential election - poll

Moscow, 24 June: Russian President Vladimir Putin and the One Russia party are in the lead for the forthcoming election campaigns, according to the results of a nationwide poll conducted by the Regional Political Research Agency, which is part of the ROMIR-Monitoring group, passed to ITAR-TASS news agency. The poll covered 1,600 citizens from all the federal districts.

According to the sociologists' data, were the Russian presidential election to be held this Sunday, current head of state Vladimir Putin would be supported by 65 per cent of those polled. Communist Party leader Gennadiy Zyuganov would only garner 7 per cent of the votes. As yet, 21 per cent of respondents have not yet decided who to go for.

[Passage omitted: One Russia leads in poll for the Duma elections.]

The sociologists point out that there is considerably more interest in the presidential election, which is further ahead (mid-March 2004) than in the 7 December Duma vote. Eight-five per cent of those polled said that at the moment they planned to take part in the voting for head of state, with 67 per cent of respondents already firmly resolved to cast their votes. However, the Duma elections are potentially attractive to just 75 per cent of respondents, with 51 per cent of those polled sure to vote.

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