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Jolie as Russian empress?
June 21, 2003

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) --Actress Angelina Jolie, who will next be seen reprising her role as gun-toting adventure queen Lara Croft, may soon be portraying one of history's most famous monarchs.

Jolie is in talks with the Walt Disney Co. to star as the 18th-century Russian empress Catherine the Great in the upcoming feature project "Love and Honor," a Disney spokeswoman said.

The part of Catherine has become one of the most sought-after roles among Hollywood's A-list actresses.

"Love and Honor," set mostly in Russia, centres on an envoy sent by Benjamin Franklin to persuade Catherine the Great to keep Russia from joining Britain's campaign to put down the American Revolution.

The emissary gains a place at Russia's royal court by helping to crush a Cossack revolt and earns Catherine's personal favor by proving his prowess in the romance department.

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