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No-Confidence Vote 1 In Russia, a 'creeping coup'? In a no-confidence vote Wednesday, some see a coming showdown between the Kremlin and the oligarchs. Christian Science Monitor
Fred Weir
Putin on Economy 2 Putin's sceptical view of Russia's success Financial Times (UK)
Mark Medish
Economic Projections, Gref, Putin 3 Gref to Putin: GDP Growth Tops 7% Moscow Times
Alex Nicholson
Economy 4 Is Another Crisis Looming? Moscow Times
Rudiger Ahrend
Yakovlev 5 A Joke of An Appointment. (re Yakovlev) rosbalt/ Russia Journal
Chechnya, Putin 6 Putin sweeps the Chechen war under his red carpet. Russia's neo-liberal reforms have left most citizens worse off. The Guardian (UK)
Jonathan Steele
Chechnya Debate & Films
7 Debate on Chechnya at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London June 23.
And films
Chechnya, Maskhadov


Maskhadov ready to live in Russia gazeta.ru
Environment, Poaching, Polar Bears 9 Biologists: Poaching of Polar Bears Up AP
Harvard Website
10 Russia's Business Stories on Harvard Symposium Website Izabella Tabarovsky
Chechnya, Refugees

INVITATION: The Plight of Displaced Chechens

RFE/RL Washington
Corruption, Religious Freedom, Okhotin 12 Reply to Lawrence Uzell JRL 7226 John Helmer
Seregny Passing 13 Death of Scott Seregny, Indiana University
History, New Book 14 New book: The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy
U.S. in Central Asia 15 THE AMERICAN RAJ IN CENTRAL ASIA. (re THE DUST OF EMPIRE The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland by Karl Meyer) Business Week
Paul Starbin
Internet 16 10% of Russians Now Use the Internet Moscow Times
Larisa Naumenko
No-Confidence Vote 17 Russia PM defends record before no-confidence vote Reuters
No-Confidence Vote 18 ONE-HOUR VOTE. The Communist Party and Yabloko take aim at the government. Kommersant
Syuzanna Farizova
Russian Mafia 19 ORGANIZED CRIME DECLARES WAR ON THE KREMLIN'S "SECRET SERVICE AGENTS." Two defense sector executives murdered: what are the implications? Novaya Gazeta
Pavel Felgenhauer
China, Russia, India, U.S. Power 20 China, Russia, India counter growing US muscle in Southeast Asia AFP
Asia Policy 21 Now it's Russia's turn to look east Asia Times
Rahul Bedi