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#7 - JRL 7227
From: Jennifer Morgan <chechnyafilmfestival@lycos.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003
Subject: Chechnya debate

All readers of David Johnson are very welcome to attend a debate on Chechnya at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Mall, London, UK at 6.30pm, Monday 23 June 2003.

This is part of the Chechnya Film Festival organised by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Foundation for Civil Liberties and The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights.

The discussion panel will include:

Thomas de Waal (Institute of War and Peace Reporting)
Elena Bonner
Anna Neistat (Moscow Director, Human Rights Watch)
Nicola Duckworth (Amnesty International)
Paul Mitchell (director, Greetings from Grozny)
Ivan P. Rybkin (former head of the Russian Security Council)
Ruslan Hasbulatov (former Speaker of the Russian Parliament)

To reserve a place at the debate please email chechnyafilmfestival@lycos.co.uk or telephone +44 207 861 8609

There will also be a chance to see some of the best independent documentaries about Chechnya. Admission is free but you will need to reserve a place through the above email address or telephone number.

The films will be shown at the ICA, The Mall, and include:

Monday 23 June

3pm: Screening of True Stories: Babitsky's War (Channel 4)

8.30pm: Screening of Greetings from Grozny, by Paul Mitchell

Tuesday 24 June

3pm: Screening of Immortal Fortress. Directed by Dodge Billingsley. Combat Films.

4pm: Screening of Assassination of Russia. Charles Gazelle and Jean-Charles Deniau of Transparences Productions.

5.15pm: Screening of Terror in Moscow. Directed by Dan Reed. Channel 4/Mentorn

6.30pm: Screening of Dance Grozny Dance. Directed by Jos De Putter. Zeppers Films and TV

8pm: Screening of Deadlock: Russia's Forgotten War. CNN/ Azimuth Media. Reported by the New York Times' chief military correspondent Michael Gordon. Produced by Stephen Sapienza

9pm: Screening of Children's Stories: Chechnya. Vanessa Redgrave and Andrei Nekrasov. Andrei Nekrasov, director, will be present to talk to the audience about the making of this film.

To reserve a place at any of the above events/screenings, please email chechnyafilmfestival@lycos.co.uk or telephone +44 207 861 8609.

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