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#13 - JRL 7227
Subject: Scott Seregny
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:46:21 -0500
From: "REEI-David L. Ransel, Director" <reei@indiana.edu>
To: " reei faculty list" <reei_faculty2@majordomo.ucs.indiana.edu>

Dear Colleagues,

We am writing to inform you of the death of a beloved colleague, Scott Seregny. Born on Nov. 20, 1950, Scott passed away early in the morning of June 16 after a long struggle with cancer. He was a productive scholar, a wonderful teacher and mentor of many graduate students and younger colleagues. He was admired and loved by his colleagues at IUPUI in Indianapolis not only for his interpersonal warmth and humor, but because he always shouldered more than his share of the routine duties of running a department. In addition, his professional judgment was highly regarded. In his career Scott produced a significant monograph on Russian teachers in the 1905 Revolution. In the past few years he had been continuing research on the village intelligentsia in the period 1907-1917; these rich articles, scattered about in major journals, together make up a new volume on this topic. Hopefully they will be brought together as a book. At his death Scott and I were completing an article on teachers in the twentieth century; this article will be published in a conference volume tentatively entitled: Russia Education: A Decade After the Collapse of the Soviet Union, and dedicated to his memory.

Scott was also a lover of music; earlier in his life he played in a rock band (we have a few surviving pictures but fortunately, as he pointed out, no tapes); in recent years he had developed a passion for alternative country and bluegrass and "un-Nashville" music. His passion had matured to the point that he was preparing to teach a college level course in folk/country/bluegrass; unfortunately we will never see the fruits of that labor of love. He did ask that at a memorial for him we play one of his favorite tunes: "Stuck in Indianapolis" by the Bottlerockets. He had come to love Indianapolis over the years, but his wry sense of humor and irony stayed with him to the end.


Ben Eklof and David Darrow
Russian & East European Institute
Ballantine Hall 565, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-7309 (812) 855-6411 (fax)
URL: http://www.indiana.edu/~reeiweb

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