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Investment 1 Russian stability score hits a high Financial Times (UK)
Economy, IMF 2 Russia can double GDP in a decade: IMF official AFP
Environment, Dachas 3 Russian dacha craze risks environmental carnage Reuters
TV1 Review:
News Summary
4 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Novaya Gazeta Digest:
News Summary
Energy, Putin 6 Putin outlines Russia's energy ambitions at award ceremony ITAR-TASS
Energy, Putin 7 Putin awards world's first energy prizes gazeta.ru
Farm Census 8 Russian official outlines plans for first farms census in 80 years BBC Monitoring
Iran 9 Russian lessons. (re Iran) The Guardian (UK)
Nick Paton Walsh
Turmenistan Decree 10 Russian TV says Turkmen leader's decrees provoke mass exodus of Russians BBC Monitoring
EU & Russia 11 Russia's Search for a Partner (re EU) Moscow Times
Katinka Barysch
Laza Kekic
Ukraine Genocide,
Stalin, Duranty
12 One Pulitzer That Should Shake the World. 
(re Walter Duranty)
Moscow Times
Matt Bivens
Bush & Putin 13 Stillwater on Bush and Putin agenda Financial Times (UK)
Kevin Morrison
Nuclear Arms,
U.S. & Russia
14 Nuclear arms race not over between Russia, USA - paper BBC Monitoring
St. Petersburg,
15 St Petersburg governor on his way out - NTV BBC Monitoring
Zaporozhsky 16 Jailing in Russia Is a Reminder That Spy Wars Still Smolder New York Times
James Risen
Putin in London 17 Tolstoy to watch over visit by Putin. Author joins kings and tsar in show from Russian archive. The Guardian (UK)
Maev Kennedy
Investment, IT 18 Intel Inside--Russia, That Is. Its investment arm is pouring millions into the tech sector. Business Week
Media Repression 19 SPECIAL REGIME FOR THE MEDIA. Media restrictions will be introduced during election campaigns. Gazeta
Olga Redichkina
Alexei Redichkin