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No-Confidence Vote 1 Voting No Confidence in What? Moscow Times
Andrei Piontkovsky
EU, Russian Public 2 Russians massively favour joining European Union: poll AFP
U.S. & Georgia,
Islamic Rebels
3 U.S. Entangled in Mystery of Georgia's Islamic Fighters New York Times
Dexter Filkins
Scherbatow Obituary 4 Prince Alexis Scherbatow, 92, Ex-Professor, Dies New York Times
Russian School in U.S. 5 Russian school keeps a proud culture alive New York Daily News
Suzanne Rozdeba
Soviet Gulags, Applebaum Book 6 The coldest circle of hell. Even Anne Applebaum's restrained history of Stalin's camps, Gulag, chills the bones, says Roy
The Observer (UK)
book review
Iran Nuclear Program 7 Iran deal makes Russia uneasy. Nuclear program offers benefits, but also risks. Atlanta Journal

Rebecca Santana
Moldova, Refugees 8 Moldovans dogpaddle to freedom Detroit Free Press
Dave Barry
Rebel Human Rights Violations
9 My days of hell with the doomed Britons. In 1998 three Britons and a New Zealander were kidnapped, tortured and beheaded by Chechen rebels. The world has known little of their ordeal, but now Magomed Chaguchiev, who spent 57 days with them in captivity, reveals to Margarette Driscoll how they met their terrible fate. Sunday Times (UK)
Energy 10 Russian Nobel Prize Winner: Global Energy Prize Will Help to Create Dignified Image for Russia Rosbalt
Economy, Iraq 11 Could Iraq Pose Threat to Russian Economy? Rosbalt
Xenophobia 12 Complete version of piece on blacks in Russia Hugh Barnes