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Russian Nobel Prize Winner: Global Energy Prize Will Help to Create Dignified Image for Russia

SAINT PETERSBURG, June 15. Today Russian President Vladimir Putin will present gold medals and diplomas to three laureates of the Global energy prize: Nick Holonyak, professor at Illinois university (US), Gennady Mesyats, an academic at the Russian Science Academy and Jan Douglas Smith, vice-president of Titan Pulse Sciences Division (US) for their research into energy. The ceremony is taking place at the Konstantinov Palace in Saint Petersburg. According to a spokesman for the prize-giving board the medals were made at the Saint Petersburg mint.

The international energy prize 'Global Energy' was founded in Russia at the end of 2002 on the initiative of Nobel prize winner Zhores Alferov. It is the first prize in the world for outstanding innovation in the area of energy. Scientists from all over the world are eligible for the prize, which was founded with the support of leading Russian energy companies Gazprom, UES of Russia and Yukos.

The three winners arrived in Saint Petersburg yesterday to give a presentation of their work, according to tradition. According to Mr Alferov the Global Energy prize does not only contribute to the progress of scientific research, it will also help to create a dignified image for Russia.

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