Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #7214 Simple Text - Entire Issue

U.S. Intelligence 1 This was the enemy? Baltimore Sun editorial
AIDS 2 AIDS Spreading Rapidly in Russia Newsday
Liam Pleven
Euro 3 Russia shifts to euro as foreign currency reserves soar AFP
St. Petersburg Theater 4 Debate emerges about redesign of St. Petersburg theater. (Mariinsky) Washington Times Rebecca Santana
Russian Art in Washington 5 New Washington Home For Russian Treasures New York Times
Rita Reif
Peter the Great Documentary 6 Last night's TV: Peter the beheader The Guardian (UK)
Gareth McLean
Lawlessness, Corruption,
Okhotin Case
7 A Harvard student seeks Russian justice. Smuggling charges provoke outcry from legislators. Boston Globe
David Filipov
Catherine Dunn
Environment 8 TV Reports From Southern Russian Town Beset by Environmental Problems BBC Monitoring
Nuclear & Chemical Contamination 
9 Russian Nuclear and Chemical Plant is Deadly to Local Residents - TV BBC Monitoring
Missile Defense Cooperation 10 Mutual suspicion mars Russia-US missile defense cooperation AFP
Putin in Britain 11 Putin's success. President Vladimir Putin's engagement with the west continues this month when he stays at Buckingham Palace as part of a state visit. State building is a preoccupation for Britain and America, especially in Iraq. It's something that has been at the heart of Vladimir Putin's political project. The Observer (UK)
William Tompson
Lawlessness, Business,
Contract Killings
12 Russia's hired guns strike fear into elite The Times (UK)
Robin Sheperd
Chechnya 13 Chechnya PM says peace returning despite new clash Reuters
No Confidence Vote
14 Deputies Initiate Vote of No Confidence to Russian Government. The government will probably stay, but the precedent is more important. pravda.ru
Bank Reform 15 re 7212-20: World Bank on banking reform Vlad Ivanenko
Caucasus Pipeline 16 Precarious Pipeline. British Petroleum has its hands full as a project in the Caucasus enters a critical stage. Forbes Global
Natalia Antelava